Lundi 25 avril 2011

[SZ] Electric bikes to be pulled into line

Shenzhen will introduce rules to ban over-powered electric bicycles this year in a move to curb rampant visitors violations and an growing death toll.A study report conducted by the visitors police bureau, transport commission and also the Shenzhen Legislative Affairs Office based on the practices and expertise of other cities in China had been submitted to the city government for review and approval, Shen Shaobao, deputy head of the public security bureau, said Tuesday (Jan 18).Management wedding cufflinks of electric bikes could be tightened by restricting electric bikes traveling much more than 20 kilometers an hour and weighing much more than 20 kilograms on roads, Shen said.Although recent figures aren't obtainable, accidents involving electric bikes had been rising in recent years. Police figures show that 105 individuals had been killed in accidents involving electric bikes between 2007 and also the initial half of 2009. Most of the riders fled the scene simply because they had no license plates or insurance. Those injured within the accidents had been unlikely to be compensated.Complicating the scenario further, numerous electric bike owners operate illegal and extremely harmful "bike taxis."Municipal People's Congress (MPC) deputy Wu Limin suggested government agencies ought to work together to regulate Monogrammed Cufflinks,Monogrammed Cufflink electric bikes, from production to the riders."For example, the high quality inspection department ought to monitor standards throughout production, whilst the marketplace supervision department ought to clamp down on bikes becoming sold illegally. The visitors department ought to introduce rules to regulate the use of bikes," he said.According to Chinese regulations, electric bikes aren't classified as vehicles simply because they're not petrol-driven. This indicates operators of illegal taxi services can only be punished under minor statutes like carrying passengers, crossing red lights or driving on the wrong side of the road.Sales of electric bikes surged following petrol-driven motorcycles had been banned in Shenzhen in 2003. Motorcycles had been blamed for disrupting visitors and facilitating robberies. Electric bikes are low-cost, costing no much more than three,000聽RMB (455 USD) along with a well-liked type of transport to steer clear of visitors jams and costly gasoline. You will find an estimated 300,000 electric bikes within the city. Riders don't have to be licensed and also the bikes are not registered. (By Han Ximin)
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"Xinhua Gallery" on Guangzhou Asian Games opens in Tokyo

Xia Lixin, head of the Tokyo branch of Xinhua News Agency, addresses the opening ceremony of "Xinhua Gallery" in Tokyo, capital of Japan, Jan. 24, 2011. An array of 50 photo works taken throughout the Guangzhou Asian Games by the Photo Department of Xinhua News Agency had been exhibited on Monday within the wedding cufflinks Chinese Culture Center in Tokyo. (Xinhua/Feng Wuyong)
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"Let The Bullet Fly" boosts tourism in Guangdong watchtowers

Tourists go to 1 of the watchtowers in Kaiping, south China's Guangdong Province, Jan. 26, 2011. The watchtower compound in Kaiping, the primary spot where Chinese movie "Let The Bullet Fly" was filmed, saw a tourism boom because the beginning of this wedding cufflinks year. (Xinhua/Liu Dawei) 
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